Best Places in Africa

Many people consider Africa as a country or some state but it is actually a continent. There is a lot of information and data on Africa’s geography, topography, and landscapes in different countries giving Africa home to different nations and many cultures. The place wears a new look of the world and is unique in its own way which provides its love from the travelers of it. There are different types of great places and landscapes in Africa that should be known and some of them are worth looking once a lifetime.


There is unique species in Uganda named as mountain Gorillas which are only to be found in the natural mountains of Mgahinga Park which is home to some of these gorillas. According to studies, there are about nine-hundred mountain gorillas left in the world. Though there is not many images or some kind of commercial broadcast of these animals sometimes they may show up to the traveler for a minimum time of about an hour perhaps. The gorilla holds some type of unique attractions and kind of big value for its name. If you ever happen to see some in Uganda it will be an honored and lucky day because they are really unique and can only be found in Uganda Mountains.


This country is considered one of the best places in Africa to travel because at this place the animals in the amount of millions migrate towards different countries like Tanzania. Animals like Zebras make migrations to Tanzania off and on in changes of weather and period of time. The place will give your eye a new look because it is common to see fifty elephants migrating in a herd to a different country in Kenya jungles and forests. Buffalo and swan are some common types of animals that can be seen in groups when making migration towards other countries.


If you ever heard of the largest waterfall in the world it is in Zimbabwe and Zambia named as Victoria Falls because of some historical events. The waterfall is surrounded by nature and animals like hippos and crocs. If you want to travel to Zimbabwe you should do it but in moderate winter season because it gets very hot in summer. Luangwa is located near the falls and is a great place to visit there and is home to several types of animals like birds and giraffe near the River camps.